About Us

Since 1979 we have been servicing Saskatchewan with high quality, durable and long-lasting concrete products from basements, floors, piles and grade beams. We are especially known for our new basement builds both residential and commercial. We have a level of expertise developed over time that cannot be surpassed in Saskatchewan for performing high-quality work no matter what the project, big or small. We do commercial and residential work and have over 30 qualified staff who have a wealth of knowledge in all types of concrete work. What has sustained us over the years? Our commitment to quality and our unsurpassed knowledge in how to do the job right in Saskatchewan’s unique, harsh conditions. We have brand-name products that do the job right such as Polystyrene Form Foam Insulating Panels and Watchdog Water Proofing and our staff is knowledgeable in how to install and utilize these products. We stay on top of our game to make you have peace of mind that your concrete products are state of the art, safe, long-lasting and effective. We get the job done on time, within budget and with exceptional quality. In addition, we treat our customers like family, so they stay our customers over the years and are advocates for our work and service.

We are members of the Regina Construction Association, Better Business Bureau Accredited Rating A+ and fully licensed and insured and overseen by engineers.